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A global leader in business process and management, Eikon is the company of choice for clients, partners and employees across the world. With many pioneering firsts to its credit Eikon has always led the way in powering the intelligent enterprises to outperform.

Eikon, a global leader in business process management services, uses process to help its client’s power intelligence across their enterprise to run smarter operations make smarter decisions and use smarter technology. Eikon’s Smart Enterprise Processes (SEPSM) framework, its unique science of process combined with deep domain expertise in multiple industry verticals, leads to superior business outcomes.

Eikon’s Smart Decision Services deliver valuable business insights to its clients through targeted analytics, reengineering expertise, and advanced risk management. Eikon has been the key provider of business process. Driven by a passion for process innovation and operational excellence built on its Lean and Six Sigma DNA and the company’s professionals around the globe deliver services every day to its more than 50 clients.


Eikon will inspire its employees to be the best they can be.  We will engage in sustainable practices and anticipate the needs of our customers. We will maximize return to the stockholders while still maintaining quality in our deliverables. We would be the company that best understands and satisfies the customer needs, globally. We will strive to be recognized as a leading service provider for delivering an outstanding & impactful solution globally.


Provide effective solution that are result oriented, integrate technology, support diversity & connect with the customers through strategies. Our mission in to continuously improve all our business processes & productivity. We deliver the highest level of satisfaction to our customers & employees. We desire to make Eikon the world’s premier solution company, focused on quality. We provide opportunities for growth to our employees, our clients to work closely with us. We will work collaboratively & comprehensively to strengthen our services & achieve success..

Our services

Finance & Accounting

Eikon provides a comprehensive range of Finance & Accounting....



Eikon offers a diverse set of services for all major insurance verticals


Collections & Customer Relations

Eikon was a pioneer of outsourcing Collections & Customer Service.


Call Center Services

Eikon provides all kind of call center services.


The Eikon Values

  • We Succeed When Our Customers Succeed
  • We Grow When Our People Grow
  • Teams Work, Boundaries Don’t
  • Energy and Focus Transform Challenges into Opportunities
  • Outstanding Execution Delivers Impact
  • Innovation Keeps Us Ahead of the Curve

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