Eikon provides a wide range of business process, Finance & Accounting, Collections & Customer Relations, Insurance, Procurement & Content Solutions and Re-engineering. By offering these services, Eikon draws on three core capabilities–process expertise’s, analytical capabilities and technology expertise–as well as the operational insight gained from the experience of managing lots of processes in diverse industries.

Finance & Accounting

Eikon provides a comprehensive range of Finance & Accounting services with proven capability to deliver cost savings, process innovation and operating excellence within the over-arching framework of compliance.

Collections & Customer Relations

Eikon was a pioneer of outsourcing Collections & Customer Service. Over the years, we have built expertise offering end-to-end solutions designed to deliver unsurpassed service excellence to our customers and their end customers.


Eikon offers a diverse set of services for all major insurance verticals, including health, mortgage, and re-insurance, among others. These services are powered by deep domain expertise and process excellence through application of Lean Six Sigma principles.

The Eikon Values

  • We Succeed When Our Customers Succeed
  • We Grow When Our People Grow
  • Teams Work, Boundaries Don’t
  • Energy and Focus Transform Challenges into Opportunities
  • Outstanding Execution Delivers Impact
  • Innovation Keeps Us Ahead of the Curve

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